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Meet Anita Margarita Creative. Fabulous. Witty.

Someone much smarter than I once said ... ’The only constant in life is change.’ And so it goes.

Anita Margarita™ is changing once again. After serving thousands and thousands of individually made margaritas at the original restaurant in Tinley Park, IL ... after producing an all natural, fresh version of the mix and selling it at the Farmers Markets ... we have arrived at something completely different and, yet, the same.

In 2016, look for Anita Margarita lo-cal margarita mix! This mix utilizes more natural ingredients and can be made fresh for your event, so it never tests like a glass full of chemicals. And, since there are oranges already in the mix, you don’t even need to add Triple Sec, unless you like a sweeter margarita.

We use all natural lemon, lime and orange powder in our mix and we use a combination of agave inulin powder and Stevia for our sweeteners. Since agave is the same plant that gives us both agave sweetener AND tequila, the blend couldn’t be more smooth. (NOTE: there are trace amounts of corn sweetener used to blend the powder but this is not something that we add. It is only utilized by the production of the raw material we use for the mix.)

So all you add is your favorite tequila and water. That’s it. You can make up a pitcher of fresh margaritas in a minute. You can enjoy them on the spot or pour the mix in to a sealable container and take them to the beach, on a picnic or down the street to your neighbor’s BBQ. It is the freshest margarita you can buy!



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    6 good sized chicken thighs – skinless Combine in large bowl:1 pkg Anita Margarita mix1 oz water1 oz tequila1 oz grape seed oilTabasco (to desired taste)1 lime – juiced Combine with a wire whisk.  Sprinkle in a little salt and pepper. Place chicken in the bowl with the mixture and make sure the chicken gets coated.  Refrigerate and let marinate for at least 30 minutes. Place on the grill at medium heat. Serve with Jasmine rice. Easy!

    Crust½ cup butter - melted¼ cup sugar2 ½ cup pretzels Combine all ingredients in food processor and blend.  Press mixture in to 9 inch pie tin. Filling1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk (can use non-fat)1 pkg Anita Margarita mix1 TBSP water1 TBSP tequilaJuice of 2 limes1 cup whipping cream Blend together condensed milk, Anita Margarita mix, water, tequila and 2 fresh squeezed limes.  In a separate bowl, use mixer to blend 1 cup whipping cream on high for 4 minutes.  Set a small amount of the whipping cream aside for topping.  Fold balance of the whipping cream into the mixture. Pour into pretzel crust and top with rest of whipping cream.  Place in freezer for 4 hours. Optional:  add a few slices of lime on top for decoration. Enjoy!
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What People Are Saying About Us


Try this Mix, it's Tasty!

Anita Margaritas are way different from the bottle mixes i have tried, and much better than my own home blend. There is a distinct fresh, citrusy taste that is not overwhelmingly sweet or sour. I like that the mix is more natural than others, makes my margaritas almost healthy! Try this mix, it's tasty. 

Faith Marie - Costa Rica


Tequila loves this mix!

I love Anita Margarita! No chemical flavor or syrupy sweet stuff. You can actually taste your tequila with this mix.

Sandy - Dallas, TX